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Your Things To-Do-Before-November Marketing Checklist

You’ve likely already run the numbers and know what you want to add to your bottom line before 2019 comes to an end.

Here are a few things to make sure you’ve done, or are doing, to maximize every chance to be seen, and shopped, by customers.

   1. Review all things Google

Google has over 90% of all online traffic between Google My Business (Map Listing & info), YouTube (owned by Google), and It’s Chrome Search function. 

-Make sure you’re Google My Business listing is kept current with photos, holiday hours, and even specials! FREE listings on your GMB page will show up as special announcements when searched in maps. If you aren’t sure you’ve completed this amazing free set-up, follow instructions here:

-If you have instructional, unboxing, behind-the-scenes, or other short and value-adding videos, now is the time to launch a YouTube channel. If you don’t, drop me an email and I can send you some pointers on making some quickly. You don’t want all of your YouTube videos to be completely unpolished but there are some hacks to get a few up and running that you can improve upon later.

-Have someone review your website. If you don’t have one, now is the time to get one created. EVERYONE needs a place with the information they own and control apart from using third-party methods. Check for spelling or grammatical errors, any outdated information, and any missing information that could keep your customers from finding you. Also, run a speed test, the link is here:

-And please make sure your Google Analytics account is set-up and working. The data you will gain from the insights GA provides can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to hone a target market.

 2. Shore Up Social Media

Remember Social Media is a contact sport…the word ‘social’ is first. To be social, you need to create a consistent presence to be perceived as truly seeking to connect with others.  Simply posting about what you want from them (buy this, like/share this) doesn’t create value for them. Make sure to follow the best practice of at least three social/giving value posts for every one ‘salesy’ post. Here are other tips that will help.

-Pixels are important. Make sure you’ve installed the Facebook Pixel on your website. Information on the pixel here. You may also wish to add the Pinterest pixel if you utilize Pinterest for web traffic (and you should be if you aren’t).  Although it isn’t technically a pixel, Google tags are extremely important for retargeting as well.

-Set up a schedule to post frequently on the platforms best suited for your business. Most every Business-to-Consumer business can gain customers through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Most Business-to-Business companies can gain awareness and form relationships through Linkedin and Twitter. And many can use several combinations for different audiences and purposes.

-Don’t forget that customer service help through social media or website is preferred by 70% of consumers so assign someone to frequently monitor your accounts for customer comments and respond swiftly.

-Posting information about the ideal audience for a specific gift or service, offering to gift wrap or shipping, and letting your followers know that instructional videos or quality guarantees are included with your purchase recommendations, can greatly increase your sales opportunities.

-Add any in-store events or community service events to the events tab of your Facebook page. 

 3. Email Expertly

-Hopefully, you are currently using an email marketing service provider (Mailerlite, Constant Contact, etc) to keep in contact with your customers and prospects. 

If you are, make sure to send them messages slightly more frequently (not more than once per week for most businesses) if your inventory and opportunities to share creative gift-giving ideas, holiday recipes, invites to in-store events, etc increase. 

-Don’t be as worried about your ‘open rate’ during the holiday season. Statistically, 13% of people will take action on an email from a trusted sender if they can use the product or service, even when they don’t open the email. The subject line and the ‘from’ line will bring you back to their minds as an option.

-If time allows, track the purchases or types of purchases your customers make and use this information to segment them even more in your email lists. For example, someone who loves hats could receive an additional email quarterly about your hat selection in addition to the general information they receive. The more targeted your information can be to each recipient, the greater the impact and the more loyalty you’ll receive.

If you aren’t yet using an email system, don’t delay. I use Mailerlite and Constant Contact but there are many options available. 

-Add a way for people to join your email group ( I recommend calling this a VIP group, NEVER call it a list) to your website, your social media profiles and platforms, and in-store. 

-Offer an incentive for people to want to receive emails from you. This could be an initial 10% off coupon, the opportunity to be a VIP (access to sales earlier, an invitation to events, etc) or something else that will be of enough perceived value to have them eagerly give you their email address to receive it.

-Ask every person in your business/on the phone with you to be a part of the ‘group’ and set up an auto-responder to fulfill the coupon, or send some helpful information with their thank you and confirmation emails.

I hope these tips and reminders have been helpful. Happy Holiday Profits!