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“I’m surrounded by nothing but great people. I’ve been blessed with that, so really, I’ve got no choice but to be an all around good person” by Tim Duncan is one of our favorite quotes. We're so blessed as well to have such wonderful clients over the year who have said such nice things...

What People Say About Us

“Jeanne is not afraid to adapt to change and effortlessly responds to unforeseen circumstances or changing requirements. She easily comprehends the big picture and sees how her role impacts the larger mission. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to make her team successful. She has the common sense to know what right looks like and doesn’t accept second best.”
Herb S.
USA (Retired), National USO Volunteer of the Year
"Jeanne is one of the most well-immersed and passionate people in her field for the simple reasons being that she loves what she does and she loves serving her clients. She thrives on staying relevant, sharing her knowledge, delivering practicality, and adding welcomed humor and energy into the conversation. If you feel overwhelmed as a business owner in knowing the right when/what/how of building and marketing your brand, you absolutely cannot go wrong in connecting with and working with Jeanne."
Debra W.
Business Owner, HR Consulrancy
"As a trainer, Jeanne displays sharp business and marketing acumen, conveying informative and empowering messages based on sound strategies that have enhanced my efficiency as a marketing consultant. She engages her audience, translating sophisticated marketing concepts into digestible, easy to understand language. She also regularly makes herself accessible to workshop attendees long after workshops have ended."
Titan B.
Non-Profit Executive
“Jeanne has one thing on her mind as a small business advocate, how she can help grow your business. She is always thinking two steps ahead and develops great solutions for creating new revenue streams. Through the use of traditional marketing and social media, she’ll create just the right strategy for you.”
Betsy K.
International Yoga Instructor
Jeanne is an absolutely outstanding person to work with or for. I was able to see Jeanne working behind the scenes, and she has an uncanny ability to focus on the details for each of her clients without losing sight of the big picture and overall goals of the event. She was always warm, polite, and friendly with everyone she interacted with, and all felt completely confident their success was her primary focus. I strongly recommend Jeanne both personally and professionally.
David G.
USA (Retired), Commercial Airline Industry Professionall
“Jeanne is one of the warmest, most personable service providers that I’ve ever worked with…as well as the most reliable. In no way did I ever feel that anything was “too much” for her to handle. Her attention to detail and strong work ethic ensured that not only did the train make it to the station–but that the passengers all enjoyed the ride.”
Janay R.
VP Marketing/Communication, International Trade Association
Jeanne is a passionate digital marketer. She always has innovative ideas for creating strategies and getting brands noticed. She is a team player who is always willing to offer advice. Her expertise shines through in her presentations. Any company's marketing strategy would be in excellent hands with Jeanne!
Kasey P.
Business Systems Consultant
“I was most impressed with Jeanne’s ability to create “outside the box” strategies on the spot for someone she just met five minutes ago. Her attentiveness, sincerity and magnetic personality will have you longing to reach out to her for anything and everything. (Chances are, she probably has an answer or resource for you, too!) My heartfelt recommendation goes to Jeanne for Presenter, Marketing Professional, Social Media Expert, Strategic Planner, Event Planning and anything of the like! She is a unique individual and she is fabulous.”
Shareen B.
NC SBC Counselor
Jeanne and her staff have always been very responsive to our unique needs. They made a point to seemingly learn everything about our organization and were able to deliver ideas for challenges we didn't even realize we might have. We appreciate their professionalism and their commitment to our success.
Emily V.
International Defense Industry Company

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