You’re Searching for a

Marketing Strategy that’s

Converting, Practical, &


You’re Searching for a Marketing Strategy that’s Converting, Practical, & Sustainable

Jeanne Eury of the 8 Arms Group is THE BRAIN!

— Amy Williams, State Farm Agency CEO

Welcome to our ‘Home’ online. We love marketing and we love talking to folks about their businesses. We believe marketing isn’t something that should be shrouded in secrecy and we certainly don’t try to intimidate our clients with our super marketing powers. We try to give everyone a strategic plan so they understand what we’re doing to help grow their business and why we’re doing it. If you’ve been looking for an understandable, sustainable, and really smart way forward, we would love to be your partners.

Ready to fuel your business growth?

 The following areas are ones in which we have successful experience, throughout many years, for multiple types of businesses.

SEO Audits, On-Page/Off-Page SEO, Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive Business Marketing Strategy and Planning

Content Creation, Management & Marketing

Google My Business & Local SEO Management

Social Media  Management and Ads

PPC, Google Ads, Bing Ads, GMB Ads

A Little About Us

Our president and ‘idea whisperer’ Jeanne Eury is a southerner and has filled our Raleigh, North Carolina based agency with others who, whether southern or not, are born storytellers, have loads of creativity (seriously, you should see what people can do with duct tape down here), and a dedication and enthusiasm for our clients (and octopuses) second to none. Choosing a marketing partner can be daunting. We understand that. We’re not just amazing marketers, we’re fun, practical, and transparent partners.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SEO Important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method used to make your website as ‘search friendly’ as possible. SEO is made-up of multiple moving parts but most fall under structure of your site ( technical SEO) or the elements on your site (proper titles, good clear and easy to read content, interlinks, etc).

We have a great blog article here that help explain how to ensure your content is optimized for search. We also have a free beginner e-book for download here.


Is It Really Important to Write Blog Posts or Change My Website Copy Often?

This is a GREAT question. It is important that you are updating your site so when your potential customers/clients are searching for information, yours is available to them and optimized to be seen. 

It also helps you when you have steady web traffic, which again, means you need to have the answers being sought. 

In my classes I often use this scenario about web traffic. When I’m traveling out of town and need to figure our where to have a nice dinner on my free night, I usually ask a local. If they give a recommendation, but every single time I drive by that particular restaurant there are few cars in the parking lot, especially at the height of dinner time, I am less likely to visit. Even with a great recommendation, a restaurant that sits almost empty while other similar restaurants have tons of traffic, makes me doubt I am likely to have the best meal ever. 

Even if your website is beautifully designed and you have an amazing company, if you don’t attract any visitors, or drive them there via social media, referrals, etc., then Google isn’t as convinced that you’re a good recommendation for them to give someone via their search enquiry.

Can a SEO Company Get Me On The Top of The First Page Guaranteed?

The SEO Company’s ability to rank your page depends on a ton of moving parts. How steep the competition is in your desired area, which keywords you want to rank for, how much content you have and how well it’s written and optimized, and a myriad of other factors affect it.

I would frankly be quite suspect of anyone who guaranteed a position one (especially for your ‘money words’ without ad spend) in any length of time, especially a few weeks.


Do You Offer Training Class or Other Resources?

Teaching others about marketing and holding training sessions for clients’ in-house hires are some of our favorite things!

We teach free marketing, business, and event marketing classes through many of the North Carolina Small Business Centers. These classes ae free but do require registration. We try to keep our Facebook Page up to date with upcoming events.

I (Jeanne) will sometimes hold a free short Zoom class to explain new social media changes or to remind folks to take care of some simple issues that many overlook. Again, we mostly share those on our Facebook page and send them out in our email notices monthly. Sign up here if you’d like to be kept up to date, click here to follow our 8 Arms Group Facebook Pge.

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