“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

We Help You Determine Your Marketing Strategy & Create Your Plan

She has given me such insight about my business.

“Jeanne has done a great job for me and for my business. She has given me such insight about my business. She is so encouraging and is fun to work with! My business needed a breath of fresh air and Jeanne helped me get that and more. Take your business to the next level with Jeanne!”

— Peggy W. Barnes, Organization Professional, Simplify Your Life Coach

 ENSURE Each of Your Marketing Actions Are Greater Than the Sum of Their Individual Parts

Most businesses have a plan, but they aren’t sure if the plan is/was a good one, how to measure the plan, or even how or when to adjust it. And that is because
Because Many Business Don’t Have a STRATEGY-
Strategy is the ‘what’ of the focus of your marketing… A PLAN is the implementable ‘tactics’ to get you there.
First, we help you determine the one to three strategies you want to focus on this quarter/year. THEN we help you take all of the pieces of your social media/content/networking/PR and communications and streamline them into an IMPLEMENTABLE, and SUSTAINABLE blueprint aka PLAN to exponentially expand your message.

Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation is our zone of genius, let us free you to concentrate on yours.

Our Most Popular Options

COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING AUDIT-Comprehensive Marketing Audit with Report/Suggestions

You probably have a marketing strategy either formal or in your head. You may have created a year-long strategy for everything, or you may add to your strategy piece by piece, as you add new platforms or avenues to promote your business. It is so important to have a third-party, comprehensive marketing and lead generation strategy audit yearly at the least. A Cohesive and Comprehensive Marketing Audit is crucial to making sure you aren’t letting opportunities pass by and you are maximizing all of your marketing activities to bolster the others. We can help with your strategy, no matter what form or stage it is in currently.

Z Hold a Complete Overview of all Marketing/ Advertising/ Lead Gen currently used by your business. Determine which actions have resulted in sales, clients, nurturing future clients, gaining visibility, and more.

Z Gain the ability to quickly determine where you may need help or where you may be wasting effort. Set meaningful KPIs to track the ROI of your actions.

Z Receive s specific group of recommendations for your current assets and programs and for new systems and paths you can follow. Learn how to set realistic goals and outcomes and gain confidence in your upcoming marketing decisions.


If you have an overall marketing strategy in place but need more guidance in what and when to create and post/mail/sponsor, a monthly 90-monthly consult to review where you are, what your focus should be, and how to distribute your marketing assets (posts, blogs, articles, press releases, sponsorships, direct mail, etc.) for the upcoming month or quarter, a monthly consult is for you.

Assistance in:

Z Determining what topic is of most interest to your audience.

Z Development of monthly plan to create and repurpose content.

Z Evaluation of upcoming sponsorship and networking opportunities.

Z Review of marketing and lead generation plans to date and current strengths/weaknesses.


Without time set aside to concentrate on producing a marketing strategy that you understand, follow, AND measure, it can be the most frustrating part of your business planning. We offer a six hour marketing strategy and planning intensive to give you a roadmap to follow with signs along the way to measure progress and adjust as needed.

Z The intensive can be scheduled two consecutive days with three hours each, or as one six hour day.

Z Up to three team members may participate (guidelines available).

Z The session is transcribed so you have it to refer back to as you move forward.